Guidelines of MHA and MHRD regarding the preventive measures and SOP COVID-19:

Protect yourself and others:


  1. Wash your hands with soap and water frequently, or use alcohol based hand sanitiser. Wash hands even if they appear to be clean.
  2. Wear a mask while you are on the campus.
  3. Cover your nose and mouth with handkerchief or tissue paper while sneezing and coughing.
  4. Throw used tissue napkins into closed bins soon after use.
  5. See a doctor if you feel unwell (fever, difficult breathing and cough). Wear a mask/cloth to cover your mouth and nose while visiting a doctor.


  1. Don’t have a close contact with anyone if you are having fever or cough.
  2. Don’t touch your eyes, nose and mouth.
  3. Don’t spit in campus/public places.

If you have signs and symptoms of Covid-19 infection
Please call State Helpline Number: 1070
Avoid participating in large gatherings in the College