2. Students can proceed on leave with prior permission. For this, they should fill in the leave forms to be supplied to the students @ Rs. 5/- per booklet at the time of admission.
  3. A tutor can recommend leave up to 6 days; for longer duration i.e. up to 10 days, a student must get the application signed by the Senior Tutor.
  4. Leave during House Examination/ Class Test will be sanctioned only by the Principal on the recommendation of the senior Tutor.
  5. Leave for sickness must be accompanied by a medical certificate.

Participation by the students in Sports/ Cultural/ Co-Curricular activities, inter-College/ University Competitions shall be considered as duty leave for the period of respective competition(s). Duty Leave, however, shall only be allowed if recommended by the concerned activity in-charge, prior to the event.


The College magazine will come out from this academic session. Its purpose is to give expression to the creative talent of college students. The magazine has four sections, each section edited by a member of the staff and assisted by student editor.


The college also provides opportunities to students to take part in cultural and co-curricular activities. These are Debate & Declamation, Rangoli, Painting, Poster Making, Wall Magazine, Drama, Quizzes etc.


College has a good library for the benefit and use of students.

All the students are required to adhere to the following library rules strictly:

  1. All the students on the College rolls shall be eligible to become the members of the College Library.
  2. Every student is entitled to borrow two books for a period of 30 days from the library.
  3. The borrower shall be solely responsible for the safety/preservation of the books drawn by them.
  4. A fine of Rs 1/day/book will be charged beyond due date of return of book.
  5. In case a book found mutilated, torn, defaced or misplaced, the actual cost of the book plus 20 percent of the original cost will be charged by the student.
  6. References books are to be consulted in the library itself after obtaining permission from the librarian.

Students can get their library security refunded within one year after leaving the College; otherwise the security stands forfeited