General Fee

Annual Fund

B.A./ B.Com/B.Sc. I, III & V Semester Practical Fee B.A./ B.Com/B.Sc. I, III & V Semester
Admission Fee

(Late Admission Fee Rs. 10 per day)

25 Physics 120
Tuition Fee 600 Chemistry 120
University Registration Fee

a)       With-in-state

b)       Outside State




Botany 120
Zoology 120
University Sports Fee 15 Geology 120
Youth Welfare Fund 15 Fine-Arts 90
University Holiday Home Fund 1 Music 90
Building Fund 60 Physical Education 90
Sports Fund 120 Psychology 90
Identity Card 10 Duplicate I Card 20
NCC 10 Computer Practical 90
Health Fund 6 (Commerce & Maths) 3rd year 90
House Examination 100 Indirect Tax B.Com III 90
Student Aid Fund 10 (FIR is to be lodged, if identity Card is lost Duplicate Identity Card fee is Rs. 20/-)  
College Magazine 50 a.       Absence for a period Re. 1/-  
Library Security (Refundable) 100 b.       Absence for a practical: Rs. 3/-  
Amalgamated Fund 300 c.        Absence in Tutorial group/ class test Rs. 10/- per paper  
Campus Development Fund 10 d.       Absence in tutorial group/ class test Rs. 2/- per day per test.  
Book Replacement Fund 25 e.        Delay in returning library books: Re. 1/- day per book  
Cultural Activities Fund 20    
Furniture Repair Fund 10 Note:  
Sanchayika (Refundable) 20 1.       The fee structure is subject to change as notified by the University from time to time  
Rovers and Rangers Fund 60 2.       Concession in fee is allowed as per the rules applicable.  
Computer and Internet Facility 20    

University Development Fund

University Development Fund(IRDP)



Red Cross Fund













  1. The student will first appear before the Admission Committee after filling up the admission and other forms attached with the prospectus.
  2. After the forms are processed and signed by the relevant Admission Committee, the same will have to be deposited in the office. The merit list of the students would be displayed as per the scheduled dates notified by the HPU. Thereafter, the students will then go to the relevant fee counter to deposit his/her dues and other funds where he/she will be issued receipt for fee, PTA fund and college roll number. On production of the fee receipt and a passport size photograph, the identity-cum library card will be issued from the office.


  1. a)Every student must pay his/her dues on the dates notified from time to time.
  2. b) A student will have to pay dues for 1st quarter at the time of admission, 2nd quarter in September and for the next six months in November.

c)Failure to pay dues on due date will entail a fine of Re. 1/- per day.

  1. d) In case non-payment of dues in advance, the name of the student will be struck off from the college rolls at the end of that month.
  2. e) Registration fee will not be charged from a student migrating from another college if he/she is already registered with HP University, other dues will be charged accordingly as per rules.
  3. Every student will have to produce No Dues Certificates from the Library, Fee Clerk and other relevant staff members if he wants to leave the college.
  4. The Principal can expel a student from the College if he/she is found guilty of misconduct or indiscipline or ragging or any of them.
  5. The security deposit will lapse if a student does not apply for refund of security within one year of leaving the college.
  6. The fine for absence has to be paid along with dues, while fine imposed otherwise have to be deposited by the date announced in the college office/ fee counter.
  7. Contribution towards PTA funds Rs. 500 per student (to be paid at the time of admission).
  8. No tuition fee is charged from the Bonafide Himachali girls students, subject to production of H.P. Bonafide Certificate at the time of admission.
  9. Students having more than 40% disability are exempted from tuition fee.
  10. Migration Fee: Rs. 50/-