2. Compulsory Subject:
  3. i) English Core ii) English;/MIL (Communication) /Environmental Science. –Ability Enhancement (Compulsory)
  4. Discipline Specific Core:

The Candidate may choose a combination of two subjects from the tentative list given below:

Sr. No.   Subject Combination
1.        History Political Science, Music(I), Economics, Hindi & English
2.        Political Science Economics, History, Music(I), Hindi & English
3.        Economics Political Science, History, Music(I), Hindi & English
4.        English Hindi, Political Science, Economics, History & Music (I)
5.        Hindi English, Political Science, Economics, History & Music(I)
6.        Music English, Political Science, Economics, History & Hindi

Commerce: The subjects to be studied in commerce stream are based on the HPU prescription:


Continuous Comprehensive Assessment (CCA ): This Would have the following components:

  1. Classroom Attendance – Each student will have to attend a minimum of 75% Lectures/ Tutorials /Practical. A student having less than 75% attendance will not be allowed to appear in the Annual Examination (ESE).
  2. In this regard, it is intimated that those having attendance between 74% and 65% can apply for exemption in a prescribed form with a clear-cut mention of the reason of absence. Furthermore, those having attendance between 64% and 50% will apply for exemption in the prescribed from accompanied by a Medical Certificate from a government hospital.
  3. Here, it is further clarified that an exemption of 25 per cent will be allowed to those students who have participated in authorized co-curricular activities notified by HPU, Shimla. However, claim for such exemption will be strictly on the basis of the authentication by the competent authority.


Following scheme of Annual examination and internal assessment has been introduced by the HPU under new RUSA:

                  Total Marks = 100

Annual Exam = 70 marks

Internal Assessment = 30 marks

Distribution of Internal Assessment [Total Marks =30]

Attendance 05 marks
Mid Term Test 15 marks
Assignments or Seminars 10 marks
Total Marks 30 marks


Attendance Marks Awarding Criteria [Total Marks =05]

Attendance ≥   75% but < 80% 01 mark
Attendance ≥ 80% but < 85% 02 marks
Attendance ≥ 85% but < 90% 03 marks
Attendance ≥ 90% but < 95% 04 marks
Attendance  ≥ 95% 05 marks





Mid Term Test (House Exam):       

There will be one mid-term exam during middle of the semester. This exam is very important in the sense that 15 marks of internal assessment will be awarded by the teacher on the basis of performance of student.

  • Question paper for the minor test will be set by the teacher and will be evaluated by him /her. If more than one teacher is teaching the course, then they will set the question paper on rotation basis.
  1. Evaluated test booklets of the mid-term test will be shown to the students in the classroom and they will have to return the same to the concerned teacher after having seen their performance.
  2. In laboratory courses, the students will be tested on the basis of laboratory exercises given by the course teacher concerned. Rest of the procedure will remain the same as above.
  3. Seminar/Assignment/Term Paper– The remaining 10 marks of the CCA will be awarded on the basis of seminar or assignment as the case may be. The content, timing and manner of said assignments or seminars will be decided by the concerned teacher.


The students will have the right to make an appeal against any component of evaluation. Such appeal has to be made to the Principal of the college on a prescribed form and should clearly state in writing the reason(s) for the complaint or appeal.